A Spirit-Driven University (Part 1)

Evangel University has a biblical and holistic vision of higher education that provides clarity and direction and remains in alignment with that of our founders. This holistic vision provides a trajectory for current and future leaders that strengthens our contemporary responses to an ever-changing culture. With our world-class faculty and professionals who are best in field, we are helping to awaken learners to God’s activity through compassion on every vocational platform.

Our desire is to hold as sacred the unchanging values of our distinct emphasis as declared in 1955 and our founding ecclesial source, the Assemblies of God. The unrelenting challenge of addressing threats to the soul of this generation compels us to a stronger devotion to God’s word as our foundation. This theoretical underpinning, and a declared and unapologetic biblical worldview regardless of the anti-jesus cultural turbulence, will be critical to our thriving in the future.

The culture is forcing Christians and Christian institutions of higher education to take a deeper look at what matters most. What exactly are our values? What relevance does the Holy Spirit’s abiding presence have to us in these uber-intellectual and anti-Jesus times? We do have Jesus’ own words when He says, “I will send you a comforter to help you.” Jesus knew those times and the times to come would become troubled and that those following Him would need supernatural comfort and direction. Let us never forget His solution. He sent his own Spirit to be housed mystically and internally on the inside of all those who believed on His name. They began to live lives driven by the Spirit to carry God’s love around the world with little regard for their personal comfort. We too have the same assurance that the Spirit helps move each of us personally toward the daily realization of God’s kingdom in the here and now.