A Spirit-Driven University (Part 2)

Post-structuralism means, at least in part, that we’ve moved into a time when our daily life is embedded in the vocabulary and metaphors of the culture around us. Entire systems of thought created weeks ago can come to impact our lives as language itself, with the definition of words continually shifting and socially organizing the way we perceive and interact with others.

Culture-influenced institutions have removed the study of God from their curriculum by eliminating the theology department, even though some might offer a class or two on world religions. Parents sending their students to mainstream institutions often miss the fact that in the academic context, there is little to no chance that the God of the Bible would ever find a voice or a mention that wasn’t derogatory. Evangel University offers parents and pastors who care about those things an alternative for a high school graduate to get a strong college degree so the faith they learned as a child will not be deconstructed in the first two semesters after high school.