Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell 
in the land, and practice faithfulness.
Psalm 37:3


do good helps you help kids do good around the world. do good gets food, fun, learning, and safety to kids living through tough times.

do good moves a concerned heart to a caring heart by inviting kids and adults to do good together. do good helps kids and adults help kids Do good around the world together.

do good provides motivation and online opportunities to brighten kids’ lives around the world by Doing Good things.

do good offers a fresh vision for generosity in kids and invite adults to engage, inspire and mentor the next generation of givers.



Watch our short video showing how kids can change the world.

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Select a do good project that seems most meaningful to you.


Click “Give Now” to give towards this project.



Develop a plan to do good to someone in your family this week.


Ask an adult at church or school how you can do good today.


A do good Ambassador is generous. Click the “Give Now” button to give a donation of $10 or more to help provide food, fun, access to education, and rescue from trouble. A gift of $100 or more provides food, fun, education and rescue to a child for an entire year.

get a

do good box

A do good box provides a way for kids and adults to get engaged in doing good like Jesus who did good by using a boy’s small lunch. He told the disciples/adults, “You give them something to eat.” The little boy in the story made a big difference when he partnered with the Lord. Look at all the kids fed that day! Jesus noticed the little boy and gave him value by using his small offering to bless multitudes and teach a lesson to the adults.

what is in a do good box?

  1. do good Promise card
  2. A do good one minute quiz & coloring sheet
  3. Directions for a do good walk & prayer activity
  4. A challenge to develop a do good attitude
  5. The do good before bed time prayer card
  6. Instructions on the global do good post card project
  7. A do good gift

Become a Kid’s Ambassador of do good

do good provides motivation and opportunities to brighten kid’s lives around the world with the light of Jesus. You are invited to engage, inspire, and mentor the next generation of givers

Use your life to do good by helping children learn to do good as well. Every parent, grandparent, or guardian needs a strategy to intentionally foster big-hearted kids.

Become a do good ambassador by making an online gift to support do good efforts around the world or place an order for a Do Good box and enjoying doing good together with your family.

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