What happens when the God of miracles doesn’t give you the miracle? What happens when you pray fervently, and God remains silent and unmoving? What happens when God lets you down?

Educator, intellectual, and pastor, Mike Rakes has talked and written about the God who does the miraculous and answers sincere fervent prayers. But when his family lost their twenty-seven-year-old, worship-leading daughter, Whitney, to an incurable cancer in her bloodstream, Mike was left with only tormenting grief and no miracle. Questions and contradictions abounded which sent him on a deeper spiritual quest to know more about the nature of God. This studied theologian had a deep disappointment in the God that allowed their sincere and tender hearted daughter to suffer so horribly and die.

In Surrendered and Unafraid, Mike takes readers on the blended journey, both Whitney’s and his, of how they came to see the God of mystery in her pain and his sorrow and gives spiritual help to those enduring trouble of their own. These pages share the remarkable faith of a young woman who did not allow a terminal diagnosis to define what life she had left and also the wavering faith of a grieving father who has more questions than answers. 

Through looking at the life and death of Jesus, Mike reminds us that God doesn’t promise us a life without suffering. Nearly everyone will face unavoidable suffering during their life span, and Mike shows how God is present in one’s silence and sorrow. God himself is making all things new. Mike and Wit reveal there is still so much unknown this side of heaven, that we all need to live surrendered and unafraid, trusting the God of Mystery.

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