Why Send My Student to Evangel University?

It is true that every large tree emerges from a small seed, but to say that every seed becomes a tree is obviously not true. The only difference science tells us between a seed that becomes a tree and one that does not is the environment into which it is planted. As parents, we know that the university environment students ultimately choose most likely determines the kind of person they will marry, the kind of ultimate earning power their degree gives them, and the kind of person they will become.

Just last week, I spoke with a parent of several kids and their third child was offered a great job right out of high school, making lots of money with lots of potential in the company for advancement. What the parent told me was they had overestimated the emotional and relational stability developed in high school. Yes, the student was making a good living, but they were drifting in their spiritual life and making poor character choices. This dad made me promise that I would share their deep regret with other parents thinking about not encouraging the four-year college experience.

Statistics are already indicating that 40 percent of the jobs that exist now will be automated by the time a high school senior is 35. A degree from Evangel provides many things, not the least of which is virtue and an ability to pivot and adapt to a changing employment landscape.

For parents who care about the faith of their students, the modern culture continues to make the case for getting your young adult into a place where the faculty have a biblical worldview and the leaders are devoted to protecting and equipping this generation for God. At EU, students aren’t just a number; they come to know their professors, who, in many ways, become mentors in their lives, steering them in a godly direction.

Evangel University provides more than relevant academic training from subject matter experts. Parents often overlook the other part of every college experience: campus life. Students who enter the faith-filled environment of EU will experience the relevant presence of God in every facet of their college journey. Our students do deepen their intellectual life, or their understanding of God’s world, but they also encounter the deep love of Christ during their time. There has never been a more exciting time to join the Valor family at Evangel and watch the transformation of human hearts to the glory of God.

The statistics are very telling when it comes to the personal economic impact a bachelor’s degree has on a student and their family. College is a major investment, and tuition costs can be a significant hurdle for many students and families. EU remains committed to affordability through a multitude of scholarship opportunities.

Students will be surrounded by a university committed to excellence and innovation, creating the future of Christian higher education here and now. At Evangel, your students will gain the confidence they need to stand boldly for what they believe and live an unapologetically Christian life.

God has something amazing for your student, and EU will help them on the path to discovering His destiny for their life. We are thrilled at the opportunity to go on this journey with your student, and I am personally praying that the Holy Spirit guides you in this process.